the facts of the grey matter

i am jean claude van damme’s cocaine addiction, fuck with me

i like those three words in that combination, fuck with me. i sleep about four hours a day, six if i get lucky, more if i’d severely under the influence, and i may eat about one meal a day, not counting snacks, fuck with me. i’m watching JCVD and day planning. i typed no homo and was told it was offensive. i don’t get it. i mean you could make an argument but eventually its just no same. what’s wrong with diversity? faggot. is it okay to call a girl a faggot? yes. see equal opportunity, thats why pimps can slap hoes, they’re on equal footing (in a dominate/submissive relationship who is on who’s back). an elementary school, or high school teacher maybe once told me the same thing, about faggot being offensive even though it’s a bundle of sticks. i mean as long as i’m not burning humans i should be able to say what the fuck i want, fuck with me. it’s that california attitude that a lot of people have conflicting with my personal texan. i mean, i’d rather be called faggot than a pussy, and not because i don’t love cats, i just like the word cunt more, fuck with me. nigger doesn’t bother me as much as bitch, i’m not a dog person, fuck with me, i know a nigger when i see one. so i’m going to hang out with this faggot nigger herb later on, he’s my cousin, and i mean that the way black people use it (and no i don’t mean marijuana), no homo, that is if he’s on caucasian time, personally i’d prefer if he were on aye time, and that is a phonetic “a”. i thinking about goin to see my nigga steven, emphasis on the a. he’s going back to school monday and them ofays at the blockbuster keep him pretty well occupied. here’s a bit of art therapy. if there is one thing i learned at peachford and the farm clinics it’s that its important to have a hobby. i’ve got a few, but there could probably be one better than driving 100 miles per hours looking through a view finder, fuck with me.

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